Site Update

Posted on July 07, 2017

When I launched the site in February, I was feeling a lot of pressure to get this Out There for various Reasons; if anyone was going to enjoy it, I wanted them to get the chance to while the chance still existed. Since then, I've come to the conclusion I jumped the gun a little bit. I was in the middle of a revision pass at the time, and, again for Reasons, that has gone way slower than I'd hoped it would. I am still revising Act 1, and Act 2 I think is going to need more revision than Act 1.

This focus on the revision pass is also why there hasn't been as much game content as I'd originally hoped to get out. I've also been just ruminating on the game more rather than worrying about getting language precise, which is something I've been struggling with. I started out trying to match the style of the 5E SRD, something I do not think I'm suited to. I get more sesquipedalian1 than the existing style already is, which isn't ideal, and I've been twisting my prose into knots.

I have a lot of game material already written that I want to adapt, but I may end up writing some stuff from scratch in a simpler, more straightforward style. We'll see. I'm planning to start putting up some game basics again in the near future, and once I've gotten most of the basics out there, I can put other game materials I happen to be thinking about, or things that are related to what's going on in the story, out in a more piecemeal fashion.

Act 1 will go for a while yet, but once I've reached the end of Act 1, if I am still working on revising Act 2, I will probably put the story on hiatus until revision on Act 2 is done and I've started writing Act 3. Game stuff will continue to come out sporadically. Once Act 2 starts going up and I feel comfortable about my back log, I will probably start promoting this more.

If you've been reading along with the story and enjoying , why not tell a friend? If you don't exist, because no one I don't know is reading this as far as I can tell, don't worry about telling a friend! Because you have none, because you are not real.

  • 1. Characterized by long words; long-winded, according to Google.