More About the Story

The story concerns the Nineteens, a party1 of First Age2 high schoolers living in a well off ward of the city-state of Seattle, a member of the Fredonian Union of City-States. Their name for their party derives the fact that they are each born on the nineteenth of one of the even months of the year (February, April, and so on), a fact that one of them, Megan O’Sadie, thought was a good enough reason as any to make a friend with another girl in her kindergarten class. In middle school, however, for complex reasons, Megan became estranged from the other three (at that point) Nineteens, Angie, Evan, and Ryan, resulting in nearly three years in which she did not speak to them.

On their first day of tenth grade, as new freshmen in high school, Megan is determined to end her estrangement with the other three Nineteens. A small hitch in her plan develops when Christopher Gramyre, a freshman Light Bearer new to the neighborhood and school district, turns out to be a fifth Nineteen; these two events together, the reunion and the new member, throw all their lives into disarray.

  • 1. A slang term for group of friends, derived from delving and expedition parties (collectively, adventuring parties), the core warriors and leaders of an expedition or dungeon delve.
  • 2. Teenagers of fifteen, the first year of the first stage of adulthood, as it is the age people in the western world are traditionally allowed to join the fight against the Beasts Below. First Agers are granted limited adult rights, and are legally considered adults.