More About the Setting

On an alternate Earth, an ages-long conflict rages. One side is composed of humankind, the spirits of the earth and the sky, and the Powers Above, which are strange entities from the Moon, who in the earliest days of humanity reached out and provided a sanctuary to the spirits of humankind’s dead. On the other side, those from whom sanctuary is needed, are the Powers Below, mysterious entities known to be the origins of the Dungeons, neverending networks of caverns and alien corridors that grow up through crust of the Earth.

The Dungeons disgorge the hordes of the Beasts Below, supernatural predators of endless variety which consume life, both physical and spiritual. The Beasts are bad, but worse things still creep from the Dungeons under cover of the shadows of moonless nights. However, the Dungeons generate riches, vast piles of gold, copper, and platinum coins, and gems of every sort, to tempt humans into delving below the Earth to obtain them. (Gems are valuable for enchantment Gold is a universal source material for alchemical transmutations, able to be transmuted into nearly any other element, as well as a variety of useful molecules, usually (though not always) in resulting in a greater mass than that of the gold used for the transmutation.) Countless heroes and warriors have been lost to the Dungeons over the ages, but still we delve.

The warriors of humankind are lead by the Light Bearers, those who are granted power by the Powers Above to transform regular fire into the Bearer’s Flame, mystical white fire that captures the essence of the Beasts a Bearer slays, which can in turn be used to power a variety of supernatural abilities. They are joined by others trained to fight, with melee weapons or with firearms, and several varieties of magic-users. Sorcerers are born with innate control over certain types of magics, wizards learn to command the forces of magic through arcane syllable, symbol, and/or gesture, depending on the type of wizardry, and mystic is a general Fredonian term for those who make pacts and deals with the spirits of the world in exchange for magical powers, who tend to have a variety of names depending on the spirits they are dealing with and the cultures they come from.