About the [N]everending Conflict

This site will be composed of two parts. The first is a serial fiction blog for an ongoing story set in the world of the Neverending Conflict, which may eventually be revised into novels. Maybe. The second is a game development blog, as I develop a tabletop roleplaying game set in this world and based on the fifth edition Open Gaming License.

The whole thing is a work in progress. There may be points where I revise sections of the story that have already been posted, as that tends to be how I write: frequent revision of previously written material to support what I’m currently writing. This isn’t the best way for someone writing a serial fiction blog to write, but I intend to save previous versions for public viewing in some manner, though I have not yet figured out exactly the best way to do that. It depends on what my webmaster can whip up. I will notify readers when revisions are made to sections of the story in some manner, as well. I hope that the opportunity to see a story develop in this way will be of some small interest.

I recommend learning about the setting and the story through reading the site rather than through the descriptions below. I believe that learning about the setting by reading the story will be rewarding. If you are already interested in fantasy adventure gaming, game design, and the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy adventure roleplaying game, you may find the section about the game interesting, though it contains many spoilers about the world. If you are not already interested in those things, the section about the game lays out the ways in which it will be different than the fifth edition and will be largely Greek to you. Unless you speak Greek, in which case it’ll be some other language you don’t speak.

About the Setting

Short Synopsis: On an alternate, modern day Earth plagued by monsters, some folk have the power or the drive to fight them. The story and game are about those people, the fame and fortune they obtain, and their relationship with this threat to humanity and to the rest of the world. 

More About the Setting

About the Story

Short Synopsis: Fredonian1 teenagers in their first year of high school, having just turned fifteen (the age they are allowed to join the fight against the monsters), find themselves—some willingly and some less so—forced to join that fight while still navigating the choppy social waters of school and grappling with the strange connection they share. The linked description is still quite short, in the interest of avoiding too many spoilers.

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About the Game

Short Synopsis: A dungeon-crawling fantasy adventure game with a downtime management system, designed to be a player-directed game in which the characters’ careers are explored over the course of the fullness of their lives. Heavy roleplaying/social elements because of the society being modeled. Combat powered by a multi-maneuver combination system marrying good aspects of fourth and fifth edition design, incorporating many old-school design techniques as well. Hard to write. The full description is quite long and likely only of interest to people familiar with fantasy adventure role playing games who care about game design. This game is nowhere close to ready for prime time yet; if you are primarily interested in the story and don’t want details about the setting spoiled for you, you may be better off not reading this yet, as it gets pretty into the weeds with regards to game design.

More About the Game

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